Autism Awareness in the community

862Lynn Westerman Holt (Harrogate)

Supporting the growth and outreach of charity Autism Angels

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Rosie’s Trust

861Bronagh O'Neill (Bangor)

Keeping elderly owners and cancer patients with their pets

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Yoni Jesner Foundation

860Marsha Gladstone (Glasgow)

Encouraging young people to volunteer

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Charity Secret Santa Appeal

859Courtney Hughes (Didcot)

Sending gifts to people in local hospitals, hospices and care homes

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George and the Giant Pledge

857Vicki Woodall (Redhill)
858James Woodall (Redhill)

Fundraising for child patients with the ‘Royal Marsden Cancer Charity’

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Vee’s Place

856Verity Rhodes (Merseyside)

A community hub for mental health support

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Heritage regeneration in Chatham

855Keith Gulvin (Rochester)

Preserving and developing Fort Amherst for over 35 years

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Norfolk Deaf Children’s Society

854Michael Porter (Suffolk)

Selling thousands of postcards to provide resources for deaf children

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