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Holocaust Matters

2254. Dr Noemie Lopian

Dr Noemie Lopian, from Manchester, is the daughter of Holocaust survivors who founded ‘Holocaust Matters’, an online platform which includes the testimonies of survivors and educational resources.

Noemie has translated into English the memoirs of her father, Ernst Israel Bornstein, whose book, ‘The Long Night’, chronicles his experiences of the Holocaust as a 17 year old boy, including his survival from seven Nazi labour and death camps for over four and a half years.  Noemie started the platform in 2016, with assistance from Julie Kangisser and Daniel Tannenbaum, to provide an opportunity, alongside her father’s book, for people to explore and learn from the historical topics and range of themes that it covers.

Noemie speaks about the Holocaust at schools and events across the country and has also supported a BBC documentary, ‘My family, The Holocaust and Me’, which features the story of her mother, Renee Bornstein.

The award for Noemie comes ahead of Holocaust Memorial Day on 27th January, an annual commemoration of the victims of the Holocaust.

Dr Noemie said:

“I admire the Prime Minister greatly in his difficult task of looking after our great nation.

“He is our light of hope by standing up for us and with us in dark times. 

“His backing the award highlights how much he cares about the individual, a gentleman who values and imbues the good in humanity.

“I thank Prime Minister Rishi Sunak for all he does for our Great Britain and am truly humbled by his recognition.

“May he continue with full strength.”

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