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Gaborone International Meet

Commonwealth Point of Light 206. Glody Dube

Hosting an international athletics competition

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Wheels and Wheelchairs

1804. Muhayman Jamil
1805. Isaac Harvey

Helping wheelchair users access sport

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Maggie’s Stillbirth Legacy

1803. Sarah Bernasconi-Parsons

Supporting bereaved families with the loss of a baby

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Munro Challenge

1801. Nick Gardner

Fundraising for Alzheimer’s through a climbing challenge

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Lily’s Promise

1800. Dov Forman

Preserving the testimony of an Auschwitz survivor and educating young people on the Holocaust

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Damilola Taylor Trust

1799. Richard Taylor

Campaigning against knife crime

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Merseyside Hospital Volunteer

1797. Calvin Gover

Dedicating thousands of hours to volunteering in local teaching hospitals

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Keira’s Wishes

1796. Keira Arnold

Fundraising to provide special memories for hospice patients

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