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The Chris Martin Fellowship

2327. Zoe Conway

Raising over £250,000 for ‘Sarcoma UK’, in memory of her husband

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2326. Danielle Flecher-Horn

Providing essential items to families across north-east Scotland

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Love, Jasmine

2324. Rob Lapsley
2325. Kathy Lapsley

Supporting bereaved families in memory of their daughter, Jasmine

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Pedalling for Pubs

2323. Katy Moses

Raising over £1 million for hospitality charities

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The Waltham Walk

2322. Michael Wilding

Organising an annual expedition for teams from youth organisations

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The Luca Foundation

2321. Sharon Luca-Chatha

Supporting over 8,000 parents through baby loss, in memory of her son, Luca

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2320. Lola Olaore

Providing education and empowerment programs to girls and women

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Walking 4 Hope

2319. John Bell

Promoting mental health awareness in memory of his son

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