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Otermans Institute

1581. Pauldy Otermans
1582. Dev Aditya

Providing employment skills training to underprivileged children in South Asia

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Nayang Association Botswana

Commonwealth Point of Light 169. Kagiso Madibana

Providing school shoes for children to help them continue education

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CDW Community Aid

1579. Zara St Clair

Leading the local community through the pandemic

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Virtual Symphonies

1578. Nicola Ashton

Setting up a virtual orchestra and fundraising for charity

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Bag the Bug

1577. Donna Powell

Sending free uniform wash-bags to NHS staff

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MND Fundraising Champion

1576. Cath Muir

Supporting motor neurone disease charities

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Solomon Islands Environmental Activist

Commonwealth Point of Light 168. Gladys Habu

Raising awareness of climate change

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Wellness Boxes for NHS

1575. Ben Hogbin

Gifting wellness boxes to NHS staff

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