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Sophie’s Legacy

1979. Charlotte Fairall

Improving care for children with cancer

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Above Water

1977. Brendon Prince

Improving water safety across the UK

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Merthyr Tydfil Litter Hero

1976. Daniel Lewis

Removing litter and preventing fly-tipping in the Welsh valleys

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Kindness Postbox

1975. Nuala O'Toole

Connecting thousands of people through a kindness letter-writing scheme

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A Detail of History Holocaust Survivor

1974. Arek Hersh

Educating younger generations about the horrors of the Holocaust

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The Washing Machine Project

1973. Navjot Sawhney

Creating a hand-cranked washing machine to support families worldwide

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Wheels to Heal

1972. Khalid Raza

Recycling wheelchairs for disabled people worldwide

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Secondary Breast Cancer Campaigner

1971. Laura Ashurst

Campaigning for women with secondary breast cancer

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