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Quran for Hospitals Project

2318. Syed Ahmed

Providing Quran speakers to hospitals

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‘The Brain Tumour Charity’ Fundraiser

2317. Harry Smith

Fundraising for ‘The Brain Tumour Charity’

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2316. Ross Cowie

Providing defibrillators and lifesaving training to communities across Scotland

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Toiletries Amnesty

2315. Karen Harvey

Reducing waste and relieving hygiene poverty through donated toiletries

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Project Africa

2314. Russ Cook

Running the full length of Africa and raising over £1 million for charities

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‘Blood Cancer UK’ Fundraiser

2313. James Badger

Raising over £200,000 for ‘Blood Cancer UK’

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Bharat Cricket Community

2312. Himanshu Jain

Promoting healthy living and community integration through cricket

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East Yorkshire Defibrillator Fundraiser

2311. Jordan Moor

Fundraising for defibrillators across East Yorkshire

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