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If U Care Share

1738. Matthew Smith

Providing a suicide prevention helpline and support to bereaved families

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Help To Make Tummies Full

1737. Lucie Dennis

Providing support for disadvantaged families in Walsall

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Sustainable Shrivenham

1735. Kate Myrie
1736. Kate Mortiboy

Leading a campaign for a zero waste village

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1733. Nicolas Sireau
1734. Anthony Hall

Driving research into rare diseases

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Vaccine Hunters Canada

Commonwealth Point of Light 194. Andrew Young

Helping Canadians access COVID-19 vaccine appointments

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The Blair Academy

1732. Charlie Blair

Running dance workshops to support vulnerable people

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No More Taboo

1731. Chloe Tingle

Tackling period poverty while promoting sustainability

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Young Conservationist Climate Leader

1729. Aneeshwar Kunchala

Creating documentaries to raise awareness for protecting wildlife

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The daily Points of Light award recognises outstanding individual volunteers - people who are making a change in their community.

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