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Totally Crazy Party Entertainer

1567. Damian Pickett

Hosting free activities for families to boost their wellbeing

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Special Days Cakes

1565. Michael Burns
1566. Stephen Whyteside

Giving free cakes to care home residents

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Kenyan Women’s Rights Activist

Commonwealth Point of Light 166. Sadia Hussein

Advocating for women’s rights and against FGM

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My Dear New Friend

1564. Alice Irwin

Creating a letter exchange campaign between school children and care home residents

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Covid Christmas Parade

1563. Milan Kumar

Publishing a book to fundraise for National Literacy Trust

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Coronavirus Community Leader

1562. Reena Popat

Delivering care packages across London to vulnerable people

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1561. Chelsea Birkett

Creating a helpline for people with anxiety or panic attacks

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Advent Calendar App

1560. Leo Turnbull

Creating a free, accessible advent calendar app

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