John van Bockxmeer (Commonwealth Point of Light 45)

Using recycled sports equipment to improve the health of young people in remote communities across Australia

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Jane Roy (Commonwealth Point of Light 44)

Improving the confidence and leadership skills of hundreds of disadvantaged young people in Nova Scotia

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Solomon Islands

Jacob Sibia (Commonwealth Point of Light 43)

Enabling children in Belaha to go to school

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Ursula Matzopoulos (Commonwealth Point of Light 42)

Improving the health and educational attainment of young people in Katutura

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St. Kitts and Nevis

William Kenrick Evelyn (Commonwealth Point of Light 41)

Restoring cultural and historical sites for the benefit of future generations

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Merilyn Tahi (Commonwealth Point of Light 40)

Over 30 years campaigning for women’s rights and supporting thousands of victims of gender-based violence

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Terence Vel (Commonwealth Point of Light 39)

Raising awareness of the environment in schools across the Seychelles

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The Bahamas

Susan Roberts (Commonwealth Point of Light 38)

Improving cancer care across The Bahamas

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