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Indian Hindu Association Derry

2183. Mukesh Chugh

Promoting and celebrating Indian heritage

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Balls to Cancer

2182. Susan Bates
2181. Mark Bates

Supporting people through cancer

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Scottish Pre-Loved Baby Box

2180. Jackie Crawford

Providing aid to Ukrainian families

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Mountain Rescue Hero

2179. Penny Kirby

A leader of ‘Wasdale Mountain Rescue Team’

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Inclusive Farm

2177. Mike Duxbury
2178. Ness Shillito

Supporting students with diverse needs through ‘Inclusive Farm’

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Olly’s Future

2176. Ann Feloy

Founding ‘Olly’s Future’

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Belisama’s Retreat CIC

2175. JP Marriott

Creating ‘Belisama’s Retreat’ for recovering veterans

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‘Combat Stress’ Fundraiser

2174. Sip Powers

Fundraising for veterans’ mental health charity, ‘Combat Stress’

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