Say Yes More

1288. Dave Cornthwaite

Inspiring a global community of ‘YesTribers’

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Deaf Rave

1287. Troi Lee

Hosting live music events for the deaf community

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Santa’s Seniors

1284. Suzanne Gunson
1285. Amy Gunson
1286. Lizzie Gunson

Delivering Christmas gifts for socially isolated older people

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Glasgow Spirit of Christmas

1283. Julie Griffin

Providing Christmas gifts for children in Glasgow

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When A Child Is Born

1282. Lyra Cole

Fundraising for ‘Brain Tumour Research’

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East Sussex Veterans Hub

1281. Bernard Stonestreet

Supporting hard-to-reach veterans

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Muslim Newfoundlander Interfaith Champion

Commonwealth Point of Light 123. Aatif Baskanderi

Advocating for community cohesion and interfaith understanding

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Youth Today Antigua

Commonwealth Point of Light 122. Rose-Mary Reynolds

Engaging young people in social action

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