Arefin Rahman Himel (Commonwealth Point of Light 37)

Educating over 10,000 young people on early detection of thalassemia

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Jack Sim (Commonwealth Point of Light 36)

Galvanising worldwide support for improved sanitation including the introduction of an annual ‘UN World Toilet Day’

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Sarah Cachia (Commonwealth Point of Light 35)

Supporting patients and their families through the community cafe ‘Jacob’s Brew’

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Fealofani Bruun (Commonwealth Point of Light 34)

Promoting Samoan culture and ocean conservation with her ‘floating classroom’

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Itinterunga Rae Bainteiti (Commonwealth Point of Light 33)

Using drama and music to engage young people on climate change

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Klitos Papastylianou (Commonwealth Point of Light 32)

Campaigning for the protection of songbirds in Cyprus

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Muhammad Amjad Saqib (Commonwealth Point of Light 31)

Pioneering the use of micro-finance to help hundreds of thousands of disadvantaged people

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Bonga Mzini (Commonwealth Point of Light 30)

Working with other faith leaders to support vulnerable children in Mount Moorosi

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