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2305. Cath Pickles

Cath Pickles, from Suffolk, founded ‘Restitute’ to support third-party victims of crime after finding out her daughter was sexually abused as a child and realising there was limited support for those who care for survivors of sexual or violent crime.

Cath launched ‘Restitute’ in 2019 as a non-profit Community Interest Company that aims to bring information to those caring for someone that has been a victim of crime. Recognising that this can be a lonely situation, and often people don’t know where to seek help and advice, Cath has used her own experience, and that of her team, to help find solution-based services, while acting with care and compassion, to those who need it. 

Working with the Ministry of Justice and the Home Office, Cath has now supported over 300 families, as well as offering training to organisations, businesses and agencies that count victims of crime and their families amongst their service users to enable them to provide further support for third-party victims.

Congratulating Cath on her award, The Rt Hon Dr Thérèse Coffey, Cath’s local MP for Suffolk Coastal, said: 

“Rebuilding your life after abuse takes huge strength and bravery, but it also has a profound impact on family and friends who can often struggle to cope or know how best to support the victim. Cath’s work setting up ‘Restitute’, providing help and guidance to families, and training to businesses is absolutely invaluable in helping build the support network of victims. She should be incredibly proud of her work and fully deserves the Prime Minister’s Points of Light Award in recognition of her amazing efforts.”

Cath said:

“Winning a Points of Light award will, I hope, shine a light on people who are caring for victims of serious sexual or violent crime. We are the parents, carers, partners and loved ones of survivors who through no fault of our own can feel stigmatised and isolated and we know that by ensuring that the whole family is supported, primary victims make a better and more sustained recovery. Ultimately, I feel that this award is for the remarkable staff, volunteers and clients we’ve had the privilege to support since ‘Restitute’ came into existence and for my daughter Sarah, my son Sam and my husband Mike who waived their right to anonymity and allow me to speak up on their behalf.”

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