The daily Points of Light award recognises outstanding individual volunteers - people who are making a change in their community.

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Recent Points of Light winners

Klitos Papastylianou Cyprus flag


16 March 2018

Klitos Papastylianou (Commonwealth Point of Light 32)

Campaigning for the protection of songbirds in Cyprus

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Amjad Saqib Akhuwat Pakistan flag


15 March 2018

Muhammad Amjad Saqib (Commonwealth Point of Light 31)

Creating Pakistan’s largest micro-finance organisation benefitting hundreds of thousands of disadvantaged people

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Bonga Mzini Lesotho flag


14 March 2018

Bonga Mzini (Commonwealth Point of Light 30)

Working with other faith leaders to support vulnerable children in Mount Moorosi

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Vashil Avinash Jasgray Mauritius flag


13 March 2018

Vashil Avinash Jasgray (Commonwealth Point of Light 29)

Helping underprivileged young people in Mauritius

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Kenya flag


12 March 2018

Golda Ayodo (Commonwealth Point of Light 28)

Distributing thousands of free menstrual cups that enable young women to attend school

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Petrider Paul Tanzania flag


9 March 2018

Petrider Paul (Commonwealth Point of Light 27)

Campaigning against child marriage and gender-based violence

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