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The daily Points of Light award recognises outstanding individual volunteers - people who are making a change in their community.

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Recent Points of Light winners

Love Zimbabwe

23 March 2023

2014. Martha Musonza Holman (Abergavenny)

Supporting communities in Zimbabwe

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Triathlete with Down Syndrome trailblazer

21 March 2023

2012. Jade Kingdom (Devon)

Advocating for people with Down Syndrome

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Paws on Plastic

20 March 2023

2011. Marion Montgomery (Aberdeenshire)

Inspiring dog-owners worldwide to pick up litter

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Becoming Mums

17 March 2023

2009. Beth Allum (Reading)
2009. Fi McQuay (Reading)

Creating 'Becoming Mums'

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Miscarriage Information Support Service

16 March 2023

2008. Abi Clarke (Aberdeen)

Helping people through baby loss

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UK Wild Otter Trust

15 March 2023

2007. Dave Webb (Devon)

Conservation of wild otters in the UK

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