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‘Alzheimer’s Research UK’ Fundraisers

2308. Jordan Adams
2309. Cian Adams

Jordan and Cian Adams, aged 28 and 23, from Redditch, have been raising awareness and funds for ‘Alzheimer’s Research UK’, after losing their Mum to a rare, genetic form of dementia.

Jordan and Cian’s mother, Geraldine, passed away in 2016, six years after being diagnosed with a rare inherited form of frontotemporal dementia (FTD). After her diagnosis, they discovered it was an inherited form of dementia, which meant they could also have it, if they carried a specific, faulty gene. Their Nan and Aunt also passed away from the same condition and, In 2018, Jordan found he carried the same gene that they had.  

Wanting to raise as much awareness of dementia as possible, while physically challenging himself, he has since been raising money for vital research that he hopes will help others and eventually lead to a cure.

Cian discovered that he also carries the gene in 2023. Together, they are dedicated to raising awareness and have so far raised over £54,000 for ‘Alzheimer’s Research UK’, through marathons and other fundraising events. They will be running the London Marathon later this month, followed by running from John O’Groats to Land’s End in the Autumn, with an aim to raise £100,000.

Minister for Social Care, Helen Whately, said:  

“I am thrilled that Jordan and Cian are being recognised for their incredible work to raise awareness of dementia and its devastating impacts.

“Their dedication and determination are clear and it’s fantastic that their commendable efforts are being highlighted by this award.”

Congratulating Jordan and Cian on their award, Rachel Maclean, Jordan and Cian’s local MP for Redditch and the Villages, said:

“Jordan and Cian are thoroughly deserving of the Prime Minister’s Points of Light award and I’m proud to be their MP.

“My mum is living with dementia and I long for the day when there is a cure for this disease. The thousands of pounds raised by Jordan and Cian for ‘Alzheimer’s Research UK’ will support this charity’s vital research in the hope that, one day, a cure is found and lives are no longer blighted by this cruel disease.”

Jordan and Cian said:

“Being recognised for our vital fundraising towards groundbreaking research and our fight for a cure is fantastic but we just want to make a difference for other people who have felt the devastation of dementia and the heartbreak that caring for loved ones or living with a diagnosis causes. We want to be a shining light to all those people, push for social change in regards to people’s attitudes towards dementia and those living with a diagnosis but also enlighten people that dementia is not a natural part of ageing and that it is caused by diseases, and diseases are something we know we can cure. Even if it is too late for us, we want to play our part for the next generation so they don’t have to go through what we have.”

Find out more about ‘Alzheimer’s Research UK’ and ‘Jordan and Cian’s fundraising’ 

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