Janmashtami Festival

804. Dilip Patel (Hertfordshire )
805. Krishna Purna Devi Dasi (Hertfordshire )

Organising the largest Hindu festival outside India

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G04 Enterprises

803. Pete Hope (Colchester)

Supporting young people into employment

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802. Alex Braden (Sussex)

Confronting stereotypes through community outreach

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Talking Newspaper

800. Jessica Thurtell (Dorking)
801. David Thurtell (Dorking)

Providing weekly news to the partially sighted

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Mikey’s Wish

799. Mikey Akers (Coventry)

Raising awareness of verbal dyspraxia

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Tadworth the Hound

797. Geoff Smith (Surrey)
798. Jenny Smith (Surrey)

Fundraising for young people with brain injuries.

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796. Mike Niles (Doncaster)

Reducing the loneliness of the elderly population

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Out in Oxford

795. Clara Barker (Oxford )

Inspiring LGBT+ role model

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