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Menopause Warriors Scotland

2282. Caroline Spalding
2283. Jacqui Dillon

Supporting women in Scotland through menopause

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Talks with Dr Sesay

2281. Aziza Sesay

Advocating for women’s health

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The Azaylia Foundation

2280. Safiyya Vorajee

Funding research and treatment for childhood cancer

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The Boot Room

2279. Carl Bradley

Helping families across Wales participate in sport

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Samosa Saturdays

2278. Manny Singh Kang

Fundraising for ‘Dementia UK’

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The Bluetits Chill Swimmers

2277. Sian Richardson

Inspiring thousands of people to take part in cold water swimming

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Billy and Beyond

2276. Nicci Parish

Increasing drug awareness and safety

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Get Together Club at The Goats Gate

2275. Valerie Watt

Supporting people in Bury with dementia

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