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‘Tony Hudgell Foundation’ Fundraiser and Ambassador

2172. Jack Hopkins

Fundraising for the ‘Tony Hudgell Foundation’

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Beach Access North East

2170. Caroline Corfield
2171. Sue Rowley

Creating ‘Beach Access North East’

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Axminster and Lyme Cancer Support

2168. Mary Kahn

Supporting people with cancer across Dorset and Devon

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Emotion Dysregulation in Autism

2167. Zaynab Sohawon

Improving research into mental health for young people across Birmingham

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2166. Pesh Kapasiawala

Supporting the community in Essex

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Guide Dogs Cymru Fundraising Champion

2165. Eva Rich

‘Guide Dogs Cymru’ Fundraiser and Ambassador

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Gender Equality Youth Activist

2164. Amaleehah Aslam-Forrester

Raising awareness of gender-based violence

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Mental Health Fundraiser

2163. Josh Patterson

Raising awareness of mental health issues

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