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The Quiet Garden Movement

2293. Philip Roderick

Revd Philip Roderick, from Brighton, founded ‘The Quiet Garden’ movement over 30 years ago, after he noticed a lack of outdoor spaces where individuals could enjoy spiritual contemplation.

As a teenager, Philip had been walking one evening, when he noticed the stillness of the natural world, and the sense of deep spirituality that he felt in the environment. This moment stayed with him, leading him to set up ‘The Quiet Garden Movement’ in 1992, to increase the number of natural places available where people could go to embrace the stillness and simply ‘be’.

The movement has expanded to a global network supporting over 250 host gardens across the UK, Europe, North America, Africa, India, Canada and Australasia. The spaces include private gardens and areas in churches, schools, hospitals and prisons, enabling people of all ages and backgrounds to access outdoor areas to experience silence, contemplation and prayer.

Philip said:

“What a surprise and such profound encouragement to have been nominated for a Points of Light award – both for me and the ‘Quiet Garden’ network around the world. The Points of Light programme offers a rich and nurturing environment for initiatives such as the ‘Quiet Garden’ network: a simple idea releasing and celebrating what I call ‘grace in place’. The trustees and staff continue to nurture and spread the word about the Movement and the benefits of time spent in nature.

“As my old school motto puts it, ‘Towards the Light’. This journey is life enhancing and I look forward to seeing the fruiting of the vision as it takes further shape.”

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