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‘Changing Faces’ Fundraiser

2292. Charlie Graver

Fundraising to support others with facial differences

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‘Alzheimer’s Research UK’ Fundraiser

2291. Frank Rothwell

Raising funds for ‘Alzheimer’s Research UK’

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Mr and Ms Ovary

2289. Craig McMurrough
2290. Sarah Fritchley (Temple)

Fundraising for ovarian cancer

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Ramadan Lights UK

2288. Aisha Desai

Creating light displays for Ramadan

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Singing Mamas

2287. Kate Valentine

Supporting women’s wellbeing through singing

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Women’s Work Lab C.I.C

2285. Camilla Rigby
2286. Rachel Mostyn

Offering career support to mums in the South West

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Goals 4 Girls

2284. Francesca Brown

Empowering girls and young women through football

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Menopause Warriors Scotland

2282. Caroline Spalding
2283. Jacqui Dillon

Supporting women in Scotland through menopause

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