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Ramadan Lights UK

2288. Aisha Desai

Aisha Desai, from London, created ‘Ramadan Lights UK’, an initiative which designs light installations in communities across London to celebrate the Islamic Holy month.

Inspired by her joy as a child at seeing the festive Christmas lights in Central London, Aisha wanted to create a similar experience for Muslim communities across the country. During the pandemic, she crowdfunded to bring lights to her local community and last year collaborated with the ‘Heart of London Business Alliance’, and other private organisations, to oversee the inaugural display of over 30,000 sustainable lights, forming 61 moons, along Coventry Street in London. 

The Mayor of London switched on the illuminations earlier in March, which are on display for Ramadan, which started earlier this week. 

Aisha’s award follows the start of Ramadan, a period of reflection, prayer, fasting and community gatherings.

In a personal letter to Aisha, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said: 

“I understand that you were inspired by your joy in seeing the Christmas lights display in Regent Street as a child, and you decided to mark the holy month of Ramadan in a similar way through Ramadan Lights UK.

“Through the first Ramadan Lights in London, you created a festive spirit in the heart of the city, with over 30,000 sustainable lights forming 61 moons.”

Congratulating Aisha on her award, Mike Freer, Aisha’s local MP for Finchley and Golders Green, said:

“I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate my constituent, Aisha Desai, as a recipient of the Prime Minister’s Points of Light award, which celebrates the exceptional service of individual volunteers to their communities.

“Aisha’s ‘Ramadan Lights UK’ initiative, which seeks to bring the spirit of Ramadan to communities through light art installations, has been tremendously successful, with last year’s efforts bringing together over 30,000 lights in a 61-moon display along Coventry Street in London.

“I commend her for her acts of service to her community, and she is a worthy recipient of this award.”

Aisha said:

“Ramadan Lights’ is about sharing the joy and spirit of Ramadan with our neighbours, and celebrating the rich cultural diversity of modern Britain. I’m delighted to accept this award, and salute the British Muslim community who have supported the project so generously from the start.”

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