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Singing Mamas

2287. Kate Valentine

Kate Valentine, from East Sussex, is a former A&E nurse who set up a singing group of fellow health professionals and mothers in 2010 which has grown into a UK-wide movement supporting the wellbeing of thousands of women and young mothers through singing.

Kate is a mother herself, and when her children were younger, she found singing in a group brought her a huge sense of wellbeing. Singing also helped her make new connections and manage stress, leading her to set up the non-profit movement with a particular focus on mothers and their young babies, but open to all women. Since its inception, Kate has trained more than 200 women across the globe to deliver the ‘Singing Mamas’ approach in their own community. Groups now reach thousands of women and children every week across 8 countries and 50 UK local authorities, with the mission to have a group in every local authority in the UK.  

‘Singing Mamas’ also runs leadership focused singing programmes, has developed the UK’s first digital singing on prescription service, and has partnered with Liverpool Women’s hospital to develop a singing at home for maternal wellbeing programme.

In a personal letter to Kate, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said: 

“I was inspired to hear how you set up a group of fellow NHS staff and young mothers to sing together back in 2010, and how that simple idea is now helping to improve the wellbeing of thousands of women across the country and beyond.

“Through Singing Mamas you have helped hundreds of women to become leaders of their own groups, spreading the joy ever wider and helping new mothers to build their self-confidence and develop support networks.”

Kate said:

“It means so much to have the work of ‘Singing Mamas’ recognised. So often it feels like you’re invisible as a mum so raising the profile of this fantastic movement and all of the women who make it happen and having people in power saying ‘yes your wellbeing matters’ is such a boost.”

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