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Menopause Warriors Scotland

2282. Caroline Spalding
2283. Jacqui Dillon

Caroline Spalding and Jacqui Dillon, from Glasgow, founded ‘Menopause Warriors Scotland’, a support group of over 7,000 women with menopause.

Caroline struggled to cope with her menopause symptoms and depression and nearly took her own life. She joined forces with Jacqui in 2019 to establish the charity and create a support network for other women suffering with menopause. 

Initially starting as a small group, they have since expanded and offer friendly monthly in-person sessions and drop-in clinics to allow women to share their experiences, and feel less isolated, alongside signposting to relevant NHS services and other sources of information, and help with identifying menopause symptoms. 

Caroline and Jacqui also host a ‘Menopause Warriors Scotland’ podcast to highlight the barriers to accessing HRT and raise awareness of menopause when discussing women’s healthcare.

In a personal letter to Caroline, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said: 

“I was moved to hear how you came to start this initiative following your own battle with mental health when first experiencing menopause symptoms. 

“In the face of that adversity, you found a remarkable inner strength, combined with support from Jacqui, and together you made a profound decision to create a network of support for others experiencing the menopause.

“Now, over 7,000 women are part of your community, helping one another to identify the signs of menopause and access the right medical support.”

In a personal letter to Jacqui, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said: 

“Through Menopause Warriors Scotland, you are not only helping women to access relevant NHS services but also helping them overcome isolation by connecting with others who are facing the same challenges. 

“I understand you have even launched a podcast to help open up more conversations and break down the stigma that still too often surrounds these issues.” 

Caroline and Jacqui said:

“We would like to express our gratitude for being recognised with the Points of Light Award and for the chance to raise awareness about menopause through your platform on behalf of ‘Menopause Warriors Scotland.”

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