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Talks with Dr Sesay

2281. Aziza Sesay

Dr Aziza Sesay, from the Midlands, is an NHS GP, GP Educator, Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer, Host, Speaker and Health Content Creator, who founded ‘Talks with Dr Sesay’, an online platform for women’s health education.

After a female family friend stopped taking her blood pressure medication because her readings were normal, Dr Sesay wanted to help others by sharing evidence based health information on a variety of topics, with a particular emphasis on women’s health, cancer awareness, mental health and health inequity.  Dr Sesay uses her platform to share informative videos, information, live discussions and tips, and has collaborated with a number of organisations including NHS England.

Dr Sesay has also hosted and presented at women’s health events across the UK and has been featured on multiple podcasts, radio and television interviews as well as written and contributed to health articles. She uses her role as Vice Chair and Creative Director of ‘Black Female Doctors UK’ to support and empower black female doctors across the UK, and is an ambassador for multiple health and women’s charities including ‘The Eve Appeal’.  

In a personal letter to Aziza, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said: 

“I understand that you were inspired to start this mission after a family friend stopped taking her blood pressure medication because her readings were normal – and you realised more women needed help understanding how to manage their health.

“But you didn’t just write a letter or advocate for change – you decided to deliver it yourself. Now you are equipping thousands of women with the knowledge and resources they need – helping prevent disease, ensuring symptoms are picked up early, and ending the stigma of talking about conditions such as menopause. 

“Alongside this, I know you champion a range of charities, including Black Female Doctors UK, where you are a true role model for others wanting to join the profession.”

Aziza said:

“I am truly honoured that my work is being recognised. It’s a privilege to be able to share evidence based information that is widely available to anyone because I believe health information should be accessible to everyone. There are so many individuals suffering in silence, feeling isolated and alone. My hope is to help to change the narrative, improve outcomes, positively impact and save lives. As a GP, I get this opportunity on an individual basis, being able to do this on a larger platform is an honour. Nothing brings me more joy – it is an absolute reward on its own. Thank you again for the recognition, I’m very grateful. There is still so much work to do and I won’t stop.”

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