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The Legacy Project

2248. Raihan Karim

Raihan Karim, from London, runs ‘The Legacy Project’, an initiative started during the pandemic which has supported over 2,000 students from lower socio-economic and ethnic minority backgrounds to successfully apply for university or jobs.

Raihan’s own academic journey from a lower socio-economic background, has inspired his passion for breaking through barriers and wanting to help others from similar circumstances fulfil their ambitions. 

Launched in 2020 as a series of instagram posts, ‘The Legacy Project’ has evolved to running clinics, including a free personal statement checking service, peer reviewed by their team of volunteers with students at Russell Group universities. Their website contains a wide range of subject-specific resources that can be shared, as well as regular blogs about subjects including composing essays, efficient thinking and a guide to the University Clinical Aptitude Test.

‘The Legacy Project’ also offers individual tailored support, alongside workshops providing career guidance and preparation for interviews and admission tests, as well as mental health awareness sessions.

Raihan said:

“I am truly delighted to receive this award. The inspiration behind all my efforts stems from the invaluable lessons instilled in me by my parents. They have been my guiding lights, teaching me the significance of hard work and determination in the pursuit of a better life despite facing numerous obstacles. It is this ethos that I aspire to impart to students facing similar challenges from low socio-economic backgrounds. The success of ‘The Legacy Project’ is a testament to the collaborative spirit of our team, and I would also like to extend a heartfelt shout-out to each member for their dedication and hard work.”

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