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Team Mikayla

2237. Mikayla Beames

Granting wishes to children with cancer

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Keiran’s Legacy

2235. Sandra McKandie
2236. Gordon McKandie

Providing defibrillators to local communities and police fast response vehicles

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Steel Warriors

2234. Ben Wintour

Building outdoor gyms from recycled knives

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Empowered by Vee

2233. Vee Kativhu

Supporting underrepresented students worldwide

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Zach’s Law

2232. Zach Eagling

Campaigning to protect people with epilepsy from online harm

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Fundraiser for Motor Neurone Disease

2231. Harold Jones

Raising funds for Motor Neurone Disease

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Anglesey Charity Fundraiser

2230. Jill Williams

Fundraising for local charities in the Isle of Anglesey

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Armagh £1 Million Fundraiser

2229. Willie Nugent

Fundraising over £1 Million for charity

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