#iwill – NHS Youth Forum

838Susannah Williams (Frome)

Encouraging young people through local hospital participation groups

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#iwill – innovative youth mentoring projects

837Ray Wang (Waveney)

Aiding young people through school mentoring and funding new activities

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#iwill – advocating gender equality

836Jenny Raw (Nottingham)

Empowering young people through an international platform

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#iwill – Anti-Bullying Campaign

835Ashley Carter (Taunton)

Supporting young people in the face of bullying

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#iwill – student mentoring support

834Aimee Louise Elliott (Cardiff)

Helping young people through listening services

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The Big Learner Relay

833Louise Walsh (Lymington)

Raising money for Children in Need

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The Exaireo Trust

832Dettie Wallington (Loughborough)

Rehabilitation and accommodation in the local community

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For a reason

831Carl Thomas (Stockport)

Taking on sporting challenges for charity

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