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Keiran’s Legacy

2235. Sandra McKandie
2236. Gordon McKandie

Sandra and Gordon McKandie, from Moray, founded ‘Keiran’s Legacy’ after losing their son, Keiran, in a bike accident, to increase the chances of survival for out-of-hospital cardiac arrests.

Sandra and Gordon founded the charity ‘Keiran’s Legacy’ in 2017,  in honour of their son,  through which they dedicate their time raising funds to install new defibrillators. Since then, they have distributed 272 defibrillators within local communities and schools in Scotland, also raising £80,000 to ensure that all road policing units in Scotland are fitted with a defibrillator. The distribution of defibrillators has, so far, directly saved 18 lives. Their efforts have also focused on the provision of education, to over 2000 people, to give people the confidence and ability to provide life saving support. 

Keiran was a keen mountain biker and, in Keiran’s memory, Sandra and Gordon have donated equipment to schools that will allow pupils to participate in the sport. Sandra and Gordon have further kept Keirans passion for mountain biking alive by building ‘Keiran’s Line’.  The bike trail, which enables children and adults to take part in downhill mountain biking and aims to improve the mental health of mountain bikers, will have an official opening this spring. 

In a personal letter to Sandra and Gordon, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said: 

“You have distributed hundreds of defibrillators in schools and local communities across Scotland. Every single road policing unit is now fully equipped to deal with cardiac arrests. Your first aid workshops have trained thousands.

“I understand that your charitable work has already saved at least 18 people’s lives. That is a remarkable achievement.

“Through Keiran’s Line you have also enabled others to be inspired by Keiran’s passion for mountain biking – a brilliant way to support young people’s confidence and wellbeing.”

Sandra and Gordon said:

“We are honoured to accept this award in honour of Keiran our only child and son, and to acknowledge that this would not be happening without every person who has taken Keiran into their hearts and who has provided us with their time, donations and who undertaken challenges of their own in support of Keirans Legacy.

“This has enabled us to save 18 people’s lives, educated over 2000 people and distributed 272 defibrillators, to ensure a long-lasting legacy for Keiran.”

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