Netball Development Trust

766. Monica Thandi (London)
767. Julie Smith (Leeds)

Uniting rural communities through netball

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Autism Campaigner

765. Sandra Beale-Ellis (Kent)

Educating about autism to promote inclusion

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Bowel Disease UK

764. Gary Douch (London)

Funding research into bowel diseases

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Growing Against Violence

763. James Densley (London)
762. Allen Davis (London)

Educating young people to avoid harm

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Journey of a Lifetime

760. Simon Gruselle (Hertfordshire)
761. Andy Lowe (Hertfordshire)

Empowering disadvantaged young people

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Tennis for Visually Impaired

759. Wendy Glasper (Darlington)

Empowering visually impaired through tennis

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758. Stephen Hayles (Bristol)

Europe’s largest street art festival

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757. Anne Paranjoti (Anglesey)

Encouraging conservation of coasts and reefs

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