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Amanah Learning 4 Kidz

2240. Samia Egeh

Samia Egeh, from Cardiff, is helping young people from ethnic minority backgrounds by providing opportunities through mentorship, training, employment and leadership.

Samia has co-founded multiple children and young people engagement organisations, including ‘Amanah Learning 4 Kids’ in 2012 and ‘United2Change’ in 2020, that aim to empower young people, provide employment opportunities and create a sense of community within Grangetown, Cardiff and across the UK more widely. Inspired by conversations with young people within her community, Samia has organised a number of projects that support people from ethnic minority backgrounds, including family fun days that bring the local community together, a ‘Preparing for Greatness’ programme to support young people with confidence and communication skills and educational workshops for parents. 

Samia has organised mentorship to support over 200 people in an effort to help people build confidence, encourage self-development and become role-models within their communities. Through her ‘International Women’s Day Career Fair’, Samia has highlighted women within her community to help inspire others. Samia has also worked in collaboration with the Welsh Government, police and fire services and employers such as Great Western Railway and the BBC to encourage diversified workforces. 

Samia said:

“I am deeply honoured to have received this unexpected Prime Minister’s Points of Light Award, which I consider to be a great recognition of the outstanding volunteering work of ‘Amanah L4K’ work being carried out across Cardiff. But it’s just not mine; it belongs to the community I serve and the remarkable team of volunteers who have dedicated their time for over 10 years.  We are truly blessed and this couldn’t have happened without the team effort of parents, volunteers and the community. 

“Thank you immensely.”

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