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Bereaved Survivors of Suicide Isle of Man

2243. Dave Higson

Dave Higson, from Isle of Man, is increasing suicide awareness across the island following the death of his son Martin in 2018 and helping those who have lost loved ones to suicide through his support group ‘Bereaved Survivors of Suicide Isle of Man’.

Following Martin’s death, Dave was struggling with the loss of his son, but wanted to build something positive to help others. Starting with a Facebook group, Dave went on to create a website to ensure those without social media could access support. Dave’s aim through the network is to provide a safe space where people can share experiences of their own journeys with grief. Alongside the support group, Dave  composes a regular blog about grief, the effect it can have and advice that he has found helpful, as well as sharing stories and resources. 

Dave has also raised thousands of pounds for suicide awareness charities by completing multiple challenges and following the increased suicide rate in the island, Dave has worked closely with the Isle of Man Government on their first Suicide Prevention Strategy and helped to create the Island’s first suicide hotline. 

Dave said:

“I am grateful to be recognised by the Prime Minister for the work that I’ve been involved in since the loss of my adult son Martin to Suicide in 2018. I believe that Suicide is a global pandemic and it’s everyone’s responsibility to reduce it. The work I do is in honour of my son Martin and all the people we have lost to Suicide over the years. I will continue to support people bereaved by Suicide on the Isle of Man.”

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