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Living Memories

2256. Brian Norris

Brian Norris, from Devon, set up ‘Living Memories’, an archive film platform dubbed as ‘Netflix for Seniors’, with the aim of tackling social isolation amongst the elderly by triggering positive memory associations, particularly people diagnosed with dementia.

In 2012, Brian started researching how a large collection of archive films could have benefits for the wider community. Having undertaken several years of research with groups of older people, including those living with dementia, he started producing ‘Living Memories’ DVD’s, each with an accompanying reminiscence guide.

Since its launch in 2012, Brian has created a collection of over 2,300 films and programmes, donated by film and heritage organisations across the UK. The ‘Living Memories’ online portal provides a vast range of information, programmes and newsreels which are available to watch online with the aim of starting conversations about the past for older people, and also to help support their carers as well as providing educational resources to schools and other organisations. 

‘Living Memories’ also coordinates online events to benefit older generations, including ‘Tea & Memories’ sessions and wellbeing programmes.

Brian said:

“I am very delighted  to have received the award for the work of ‘Living Memories C.I.C’. and our small team who created ‘Living Memories Online’. It would not have been possible without the amazing national archive collections that support us.

“As volunteers we enjoy every reminiscence session that we arrange, whether face-to-face or online, because through watching our archive films and sharing their memories of younger years our members around the UK are able to make new friends and no longer feel so lonely. That is what it is all about.

“I would also like to dedicate the award to the professional and volunteer carers and activity coordinators around the UK who spend their lives supporting older people, including those living with dementia.”

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