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Local Lifesaver

94. Adrian Craig

Anthony Nolan figures suggest that one in 100 of these people are likely to go on to make a potentially lifesaving bone marrow donation. Adrian signed up to the bone marrow register at a Keele University event and was soon inspired to volunteer to register people himself by the passion and enthusiasm of the people […]

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Cambridgeshire Cycling Pioneer

93. Angela Sanford

After learning to ride a two wheeler with the support and help of her carer, Angela’s passion for cycling was boosted when she was asked to help others like her try cycling on accessible bikes. With the help of other cycling enthusiasts, she took her friend Aaron’s idea to get people of all abilities cycling […]

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Linda’s Great Lengths

50. Linda Mayhew

  Linda was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008. Faced with losing her hair after chemotherapy, she received little valuable advice on how to deal with this and became determined to improve patient experience and care. In 2010, having overcome the disease, Linda started her pioneering project Linda’s Great Lengths workshops. These are designed to […]

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Role model for young women

92. Caroline Odogwu

The workshops tackle low confidence and self-esteem and encourage young women to understand their value and aim high. Caroline works with young women to identify their talents and abilities and shows them how they can develop and use what they’re good at.  She teaches them to communicate, express themselves better and build consciousness about how […]

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Dad Helps Dads

91. Nigel Blair-Park

Since Nigel founded the group in 2007, he has grown the group from 11 men to a community of over 100 and there are plans to widen the reach of the Cromarty Vets, extending their work to incorporate older teenage boys and younger men to be part of the group and create role models. He […]

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The ‘Homelessness Pastor’

90. Dave Fawcett

Dave Fawcett, who describes himself as a ‘homelessness pastor’, provides a key link between those on the street and organisations which can help them. Last winter, he was inspired to set up a Halifax division of the innovative ‘Inn Church’ initiative, opening churches throughout the local area in winter to provide beds and meals when […]

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Epilepsy Campaigner

89. Ann Maxwell

Ann felt she had no support or anyone to turn to and was determined that others didn’t suffer in the same way. Today the Muir Maxwell Trust provides children and their families with practical support to improve the quality of life of those children and families affected by epilepsy, and to raise awareness of the […]

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Helping others smile again

88. Bethan Robertson-Smith

This left her unable to do every day things such as close her eyes, smile or even say her own name. Determined to leave a lasting legacy on the condition of facial palsy, Bethan helped to launch Facial Palsy UK in 2012. The charity provides support to over 100,000 people living with the condition. Bethan’s […]

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