8 year old spreading laughter

100. Grace Franklin (Billingham)

A military daughter raising money through humour

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Super-soap recycler

105. Sebastian Huempfer (Oxford)

Oxford’s soap recycling hero

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Across the Board

103. Katie Bond (Isle of Wight)
104. Claire Collins (Isle of Wight)

Surfing sessions for children with learning needs

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In memory of Charlotte

102. Angie Churchill (Wirral)

Youth centre built in memory of daughter

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Keeping Snowdonia buzzing

101. Margaret Thomas (Conwy)

Dedicated Snowdonia volunteer helps bees thrive

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Claudia cares for superheroes

99. Claudia Beard (Hampshire)

Helping children in need recapture their childhoods

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Londoner’s loving legacy

98. Gaby Eirew (London)

Creating a video-recorded remembrance of parents who pass away

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Reuniting Families

97. Jenny Barrett (London)

Jenny Barrett is a dedicated volunteer for the international family tracing service at the British Red Cross. Jenny‚Äôs interest in reuniting families stems from her academic work having recently completed a Masters in Refugee and Forced Migration Studies at University of Oxford. The international family tracing service at the British Red Cross works to restore […]

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