Smartphone activated medics

173Mark Wilson (London)

Using modern technology to allow medically trained members of the public to intervene in an emergency

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Riding through illness

172Meryl Hanmer (South Wales)

Volunteer riding instructor battles through personal difficulty to help others

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Community boxing

171Alex Neave (Derby)

Taking professional knowledge of sport and inspiring young people

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Puppy love

170Pearl Watts (Banbury)

Training puppies to become support dogs for people with disabilities

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Computer Cafe

169Gareth Coleman (Sheffield)

Helping the community with the professional IT skills

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Taking on the Plastic Challenge

168Emily Smith (London)

Inspiring hundreds of people to use less plastic

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Musical therapy

167Carolyn Mayling (Maidenhead)

Bringing musical therapy to children in hospitals and special needs schools

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Access at home

166Vince Knight (Essex)

Using construction skills to help a family in need

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