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1606. Neil Shonchhatra

Neil Shonchhatra, from North London, has been donating thousands of meals and items of food to frontline NHS workers and nursing homes throughout the pandemic.

Neil Shonchhatra

Neil sources food donations from local businesses and cooks up meals at Slough Temple. At the peak of lockdown, he was donating as many as 450 meals a day, as well as delivering many of these in person, despite a knee injury restricting his mobility. Neil has also distributed thousands of snacks to provide a boost to healthcare workers.

In a personal letter to Neil, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said:

“I was inspired to hear about your fantastic food delivery service. From collecting surplus food from local businesses, to cooking up hundreds of meals yourself, you have become a true Point of Light in your community.

“I know you suffered a serious knee injury recently and that makes your commitment to helping others all the more remarkable.

“On behalf of all those people you have fed, and the whole country, thank you.”

Neil said:

“It is an Honour to receive such an Honour from the Prime Minister. It has been a pleasure working alongside frontline key workers and helping in any ways that I can as well as those in need during this Pandemic. The Support I received from businesses and the wider community are a testimony to the residents of this country and shows that during our darkest hour people can come together, and ultimately this has led us to defeating this nasty Virus. Thank you to all the NHS, Front Line workers and everyone who is helping combat this disease.”

Pictured below: Neil delivering to a local hospital

Neil Shonchhatra delivering water to a local hospital

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