Marsh conservation

161Mike Barrett (Norfolk)

Championing and preserving British wildlife for people to enjoy and nature to thrive

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Bumble Bee Barbarians

160Anthony Brooke (Bradford)

Establishing the UK’s first mixed ability rugby team

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A Welsh adventure

159Tori James (Cardiff)

Combining a passion for adventure and the outdoors with fundraising

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Anti-bullying ambassador

157Jack Gregory (Maidstone)

Sharing personal experience with other young people to crack down on bullying

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Norwood hero

156Douglas Silas (London)

Allowing children, families and adults with learning difficulties to experience the world

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Make your mark

155Shay Miah (Hartlepool)

Championing young people’s engagement with politics through UK Youth Parliament

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Phab club

154Jennifer Drewer (Essex)

Leading an all inclusive club for young people to champion equality

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Unseen Tours

153Faye Shields (London)

Assisting homeless people in London in finding paid work

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The daily Points of Light award recognises outstanding individual volunteers - people who are making a change in their community.

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