Kitten care

187Rachel Brearley (West Yorkshire)

Helping to find hundreds of cats their perfect home

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Surviving christmas

186Ann Andrews (Hastings)

3 decades of helping those in need make it through christmas time

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Cooking up christmas

185Sue Brett (Maidenhead)

Ensuring that those without anyone to spend christmas with had the community support

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Service above self

184RĂ© Johnson (London)

Leading The Rotary Club in celebrating christmas day in the community

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Advent beach

183Revd Martin Poole (Brighton)

Building a true community spirit around christmas with a giant advent calendar

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Military wives

182Emma Hanlon-Penny (Exeter)

Using personal experience and music to support the military wives community in the UK

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Mountain rescue

181Mario Di Maio (Aberdeen)

Decades dedicated to completing some of the most grueling challenges to save lives

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Post pals

180Vikki George (Surrey)

Connecting with children to help them through tough times

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