Friends of Czech Heritage

656. Barbara Peacock (Czech Republic)

Working to repair and conserve historic Czech buildings

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Supporting Thailand’s vulnerable

655. Ben Svasti Thomson (Thailand)

Working with at risk groups in Thailand

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Open Your Heart to Bhutan

654. Emma Slade (Bhutan)

Helping children in rural Bhutan

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Globus Music

653. Emma-Marie Kabanova (Moscow)

Fundraising through classical music

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Honouring the fallen

652. Bob Cobley (Denmark)

Honouring Commonwealth war casualties

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The Ideas Partnership

651. Elizabeth Gowing (Kosovo)

Changing lives in Kosovo

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Physiotherapy for children

650. Anna Vines (Sierra Leone)

Bringing physiotherapy to children in Sierra Leone

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Championing charity in Spain

649. Candy Wright (Spain)

Dedicated expat volunteering in Spain

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