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Insulinoma Support Network

2121. Enola Wright

Enola Wright, from Essex founded the ‘Insulinoma Support Network’, providing support, advice and online resources for people with insulinoma, a rare tumour of the pancreas.

Enola Wright

After being diagnosed with insulinoma in 2007, Enola went on to found the support network later that year and has since dedicated herself to raising awareness, expanding treatment options, establishing diagnostic guidelines, and building the largest online community for insulinoma patients in the UK. Enola has also inspired others to share their experiences and has published a book containing information about symptoms, diagnosis and treatment through the stories of people diagnosed with insulinoma, as well as launching a patient-led research initiative. 

Enola is now looking to establish an insulinoma charity in order to enhance her aim to provide vital support for those affected by insulinoma, fund further research and help provide administrative support to the insulinoma community. 

In a personal letter to Enola, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said:

“Since your own diagnosis in 2007 and subsequent recovery, you have reached out a helping hand to others who are also suffering from this rare condition.

“Your patient-led research initiative into insulinoma is the first of its kind, and your Insulinoma Support Network is bringing together a community of patients from across the UK. Your efforts are making a real difference to people’s lives – deepening our understanding of this condition, improving its diagnosis, and expanding treatment options.”

Enola said:

“I am truly humbled by this honour. To be recognised in this way, especially by the Prime Minister’s Points of Light award, is more than I ever imagined for simply doing something I feel so passionate about. The ‘Insulinoma Support Network’ was born after my diagnosis of a malignant insulinoma and out of a desire to help and support others with this rare Neuroendocrine Tumour.”

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