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2124. Daniyaal Anawar

Daniyaal Anawar, aged 17, from Hertfordshire, created 'GCSEPotential', a social media-based education platform which shares free revision tips and exam preparation advice with over 100,000 followers.

In preparation for his mock exams, Daniyaal spent time researching effective ways to study, and recognised that he could share these techniques with his peers. After this proved successful, Daniyaal was inspired to help others on a larger scale, and posted his first ‘GCSEPotential’ recording in May 2021. His early videos received over 2 million views and Daniyaal created a YouTube channel, providing more insight into preparing for Year 11 and A-Levels. He has also worked with other students to do in-person networking, icebreaker and revision sessions, and has donated free textbooks for students who attend.

Daniyaal is particularly keen to help students from lower socio-economic backgrounds, and has also recently founded ‘The Potential Project’ to provide free academic mentoring to Year 11 students. He is a Student Advisor for exam board AQA and has helped write a free GCSE Chemistry textbook to support exam preparation. 

The award for Daniyaal, coincides with GCSE Results Day.

In a personal letter to Daniyaal, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said:

“I wanted to write personally to thank you for the fantastic support you have provided to help so many of your peers with their own studies.

“Through GCSE Potential and The Potential Project your revision tips, exam preparation advice, free textbooks and free mentoring for those from lower socio-economic backgrounds have helped thousands of young people to achieve the great results they deserve.”

Congratulating Daniyaal on his award, Grant Shapps, Daniyaal’s local MP for Welwyn Hatfield said:

“Congratulations Daniyaal! It is great to see all of your hard work getting this kind of recognition and it is nothing less than you deserve. Education is vital for helping people get ahead in life and I have no doubt that you have played an important role for many of your classmates and followers online.”

Daniyaal said:

“I’m so honoured to have received this award for my work within education advocacy. Of course, this wouldn’t have been possible without the support of my friends and family, especially my wonderful Mum! I love working in education, and I hope people continue to recognise just how important it is. After all, an excellent education is the greatest opportunity one can receive.”

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