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Being Purple

2118. Eva Deotale
2119. Amaira Deotale

Eva and Amaira Deotale, aged 9, from Milton Keynes, are twin sisters and disability inclusion ambassadors who wrote and published a collection of short stories during lockdown to help teach other children about the importance of acceptance and diversity.

The twins started writing short stories during lockdown, finding inspiration from events and their surroundings. They have since gone on to publish two collections of stories,  through which they have championed and promoted disabled representation in children’s literature, also pushing for equal opportunities for those from underrepresented communities. 

They have since been inspired to set up, with support from their Dad, a digital platform “Being Purple” and have raised close to £7000 for charities, as well as raising further awareness of disability inclusion, including developing accessGPT, the world’s first disability inclusion chatbot and are currently developing an online disability inclusion education course for children.

In a personal letter to Eva and Amaira, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said:

“I was inspired to hear how the Being Purple platform is championing equal opportunities for disabled people. I understand you have made great progress with your chatbot which will help to share guidance for organisations on how they can create more accessible spaces. 

“As two of the youngest authors in the country, you have already become role models. Now you are going further to show how, with creativity and kindness, we can all help to improve the lives of others.”

Congratulating Eva and Amaira on their award, Iain Stewart, Eva and Amaira’s MP for Milton Keynes South, said:

“I am absolutely delighted to learn that Eva and Amaira have been recognised by the Prime Minister for their excellent work in teaching children about the importance of acceptance and diversity.

“I would like to offer my congratulations to Eva and Amaira for their achievements and for receiving the Points of Light award.”

Eva said:

“Thank you Prime Minister for the esteemed, distinguished and prestigious Point of Lights award. I am very honoured to receive the special recognition from you. I really hope to carry on my ‘BeingPurple’ initiative for raising awareness on people with special needs. I want to show how important it is to be kind, treat everyone nicely, and that we kids can make a huge impact. I will keep my dream of clearing paths for people with disabilities.”

Amaira said:

“Thank you Prime Minister for awarding us with prestigious ‘Point of Lights’ award. I am feeling very honoured and proud on receiving this award. We have been working on disability inclusion platform ‘BeingPurple’ to spread awareness to millions of people globally who suffer from mental or physical disability. We are currently working on an online educational course on disability inclusion for school children. Thank you for being encouraging and we will continue to work on our ideas for ‘BeingPurple’.”

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