Burtonwood Sewing Group

778Anne Carr (Cheshire)

Uniting the community through sewing

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Coventry Music Museum

777Julie Chambers (Coventry)
776Pete Chambers (Coventry)

Celebrating Warwickshire’s musical heritage

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GIFT Shabbat Walk

775Avi Dubiner (London)

Motivating hundreds to visit hospitals

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Teenage Fundraising Hero

774Andrew Davies (Chesterfield)

Supporting the hospital that saved him

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Variety Volunteer

773Anne Keen-Arnold (Bristol)

Raising £500k to support vulnerable children

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Fareham’s Local Hero

772Betty Richards (Fareham)

Supporting macular degeneration sufferers for decades

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Not Alone

770Erin King (Plymouth)
771Amber Evans (Plymouth)

Supporting the transgender and non-binary community

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Musicians Against Homelessness

769Emma Rule (Hertfordshire)

Organising gigs to support homelessness charities

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