Ellie’s Friends

686. Tom Thostrup (London)

Making the big C smaller

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Forever Stars

684. Michelle Daniels (Nottingham)
685. Richard Daniels (Nottingham)

Helping ease the pain of baby loss

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Elizabeth’s Footprint

683. Natalia Spencer (Cheltenham)

A Walk of Love for Elizabeth

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Good Deed Dating

682. Hannah Whitehead (Oxford)

Volunteering events for single people

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Lover post

681. Nick Gibbs (Lover)

Helping rekindle village history

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The Trusty Paws Clinic

680. Ruby Shorrock (Glasgow)

Glasgow vet helping homeless people’s dogs

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Fundraising for GBM

678. Andy Johnson (Shropshire)
679. Colin Speirs (Argyll)

Finding a cure for GBM brain tumours

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Deaf hockey club

677. Wendy Russell (Brighton)

Making hockey accessible to deaf and hard of hearing young people

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