Calum’s Cabin

784Caroline Speirs (Isle of Bute )
785Duncan Speirs (Isle of Bute )
786 Jenna Speirs (Isle of Bute )

Holiday retreats for struggling families

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Hearing Dogs Hero

783Fiona Daniels (Haddenham )

Decades of training hearing dogs

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Cancer Support Group

781Allison White (Durham)

Supporting local cancer sufferers

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Daz’s Rock 4 Charity

780Darren Sims (Hull)

Raising £500,000 through charitable concerts

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Suited and Booted

779Maria Lenn (London)

Improving appearances to improve prospects

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Burtonwood Sewing Group

778Anne Carr (Cheshire)

Uniting the community through sewing

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Coventry Music Museum

777Julie Chambers (Coventry)
776Pete Chambers (Coventry)

Celebrating Warwickshire’s musical heritage

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GIFT Shabbat Walk

775Avi Dubiner (London)

Motivating hundreds to visit hospitals

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