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Beach Access North East

2170. Caroline Corfield
2171. Sue Rowley

Caroline Corfield and Sue Rowley, from Northumberland, have helped to improve access to beaches across the North East by providing free wheelchairs and mobility equipment through their charity ‘Beach Access North East.’

Inspired by previous Point of Light winner Alison Brown, who created ‘Beach Wheelchairs’ in Scotland, Caroline and Sue wanted to provide the service across the North East, enabling more people to enjoy the area’s beaches.  They founded the charity in 2017, to provide a wide range of mobility equipment, including hoists and options for paddling in the sea, for anyone who needs assistance to access the beach. 

‘Beach Access North East’ is a completely volunteer-led charity, which has expanded over the last six years, to help provide access across 12 beaches, whether simply to eat an ice cream on the sand, or to spend a full day enjoying the benefits of the seaside. The charity also organise events which not only raise funds, but help create inclusive and accessible social activities, that are open to all.

Congratulating Caroline and Sue on their award, Sir Alan Campbell, Caroline and Sue’s local MP for Tynemouth, said:

“This is a well deserved award for Caroline and Sue and everyone involved with Beach Access North East. There work is hugely important in allowing even more people to access our great beaches and our fabulous regenerated coast”

Caroline said:

“I’d like to say how happy I am on behalf of the charity that we’ve been noticed in this way, it helps enormously.”

Sue said:

“I am proud and delighted to have been selected for a point of light award on behalf of Beach Access North East”

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