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Emotion Dysregulation in Autism

2167. Zaynab Sohawon

Zaynab Sohawon, aged 21, from Birmingham, has used her experiences of being in a psychiatric unit as a teenager to advocate for improved mental health and suicide prevention among young people.

Zaynab spent four years in a psychiatric unit, eventually being diagnosed with autism, which has inspired her to become a role model to others going through similar circumstances. Zaynab acts as an advocate for those living with mental illness, while raising awareness and addressing the negative perceptions surrounding personality disorders. 

She has worked with mental health charities and Birmingham Women’s and Children’s NHS Foundation Trust to tackle the mental health stigma in BAME communities across Birmingham, and improve research into youth mental health.

In 2022, Zaynab set up a new charity, ‘Emotion Dysregulation in Autism’, working with researchers and academics, to further focus on supporting autistic young people, while hosting training events and youth workshops for community and youth groups. 

Zaynab said:

“This is a humbling moment and I’m so honoured to receive this recognition. I do charity work to help autistic young people achieve a life worth living. I don’t do this work for recognition, I do this to make the world a better place!”

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