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2166. Pesh Kapasiawala

Pesh Kapasiawala, from Essex, set up his charity community surplus hubs during the pandemic to provide free groceries, clothing, and essentials to those in need without requiring an assessment or referral.

Although ‘3Food4U’ was established in 2020, Pesh has collaborated with local schools, community groups, churches, and governmental agencies to develop solutions to support people in the community for over 15 years.  ‘3Food4u’ aims to treat individuals with dignity, humanity, and respect and is run entirely by a team of over 300 volunteers with community surplus hubs across Essex. They have provided over 180,000 meals to over 12,000 people, saving 1,500 tonnes of surplus food. 

Pesh has now expanded the initiative to further support vulnerable members of the community through initiatives such as providing free school supplies before the start of the academic year, dementia-friendly Memory Cafes, and a mentoring conference programme for school pupils. The organisation also offers a job cafe twice a month, providing CV and interview advice, and works with Essex Council to hold numeracy training support. 

Pesh is also the chairman of Youth Employment Strategy (YES), set up in 2012 to deliver mentoring Conferences to 13-16-year-olds and provides them with life skills and career options.

In a personal letter to Pesh, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said: 

“Through your charity 3Food4U, your brilliant army of 300 volunteers have supported more than 12,000 vulnerable people in your community, saving 1,500 tonnes of surplus food in the process.

“Your mission to treat others with dignity, humanity and respect embodies the very best of service to others.”

Pesh said:

“What an incredible honour, I’m so humbled. There are so many tireless volunteers who go way beyond to make sure we deliver the very best service we can without compromise, this recognition is for all of them.”

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