Priceless photo memories

295. Samira Magrabi
296. Liz Wood

Creating beautiful memories for families of terminally ill children

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Local community legend

294. Barbara Waterman

Always goes the extra mile for vulnerable, elderly people in her community

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Homelessness campaigner

293. Dominique Harrison-Bentzen

Her appeal to help one homeless man went viral and helped many more

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4 year old fundraiser

292. Izzy Russell

Izzy does everything she can to support her local RNLI

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Cycling champion

291. Maryam Amatullah

Encouraging women from ethnic minorities to take up cycling

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Raising pints, not money

290. Sam Roden

Undertaking incredible challenges to encourage blood donation

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Teenage WaterAid fundraiser

289. George Rosenfeld

Raising money & awareness for for WaterAid

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Finish line fundraiser

288. Julie Guthrie

Selling flowers to families who want to congratulate Race for Life runners

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The daily Points of Light award recognises outstanding individual volunteers - people who are making a change in their community.

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