Hull charity mastermind

49Josie Sherlock (Hull)

Josie’s passion for volunteering supports many

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Litter Picking Champion

48Manuela Wahnon (Andover)

Spotting the man taking shelter one evening in an Andover shop doorway, Manuela returned the following morning expecting to clear up the rubbish he’d left behind, only to find he had left it spotless. Max told Manuela it was important to him to keep his town tidy and, feeling she had her prejudices challenged, Manuela […]

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Schoolboy improves local area

47Dominic Greene (Stoke-on-Trent)

Dominic enhances community gardens

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Thousands now online

46Joanne Curtis (Leeds)

Joanne Curtis supports a thousand people to get online

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Championing The Community

45Imogen Morizet (Canterbury)

 Imogen is passionate about history and on settling in Canterbury she took it upon herself to try and do her bit to both enjoy and protect its past. Imogen believed that the hall had problems that could and should be solved. She spurred a group of concerned residents into action and with them set up […]

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Street workout pioneer

43Anton Guidera (Kettering)

  People who attend the gym get to take part in increasingly popular ‘street’ workouts. Anton has worked hard to create a welcoming environment where people are offered support and advice. The Compound is based at the William Knibb centre where Anton has volunteered for the last four years. In that time he has worked […]

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Community pub champion

42Peter Maher (Cumbria)

  Just before Christmas 2010, the pub closed with the landlord repossessing the building from the previous tenant. It was at this point the villagers approached Peter, a retired teacher, and asked him to lead a bid to save the pub. Peter took action and organised a vote to be taken, there was overwhelming support for […]

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Supporting people with addictions

41Brian Jones (Stockton-on-Tees)

 The project now ensures that guidance, mentoring and practical assistance are available to adult males who are addicted to drugs or alcohol.  The project is touching the lives of some of the most marginalised communities in Stockton and inspiring others to volunteer with the project. The project recognises that people with addiction problems usually live […]

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