Healthcare in rural Africa

406. Kirsty Luescher
407. Simon Tolmie

Bringing life-saving healthcare to people in rural Zambia

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Living well with HIV & AIDs

405. Steve Whitmore

Helping people with HIV AIDs to stay fit and healthy

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Fundraising with a smile

404. Bethany Hare

Using song and dance to fundraise for sick children

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Youth TEDx organiser

403. Tanya Mubayiwa

Giving young people in her local area a voice

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Tackling blood cancer

402. Daniel Redhead

#IWill ambassador raising money for Bloodwise

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Stepping up to Serve with football

401. Jordan Dixon

#IWill Ambassador tackling gangs with football

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Uniting young people around the world

400. Eashan Thakrar

Eashan was congratulated by the Prince of Wales on being the UK’s 400th Point of Light

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#IWill ambassadors making a difference

398. Callie Turner
399. Sophie Greener

Two #IWill ambassadors helping girls with bullying and body confidence

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The daily Points of Light award recognises outstanding individual volunteers - people who are making a change in their community.

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