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Manna Meals

1474. Victoria De Coster

Victoria De Coster, from Essex, has been running ‘Freezer Manna Meals’ during lockdown where freezers full of thousands of healthy meals are placed in churches across Essex to nourish vulnerable members of the community.

Victoria De Coster

‘Manna Meals’ is a Christian charity which uses food to reach out to people in need in Essex, and at the height of the pandemic, Victoria and her team have delivered approximately 100 food parcels a week.

In a personal letter to Victoria, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said:

“Over the last few months we have all been uplifted by the stories of those who have brought their communities together in the service of others.

“So I wanted to write personally to thank you and everyone involved with ‘Manna Meals’ for keeping your community nourished. I was so impressed by the ingenuity of your freezer meals scheme which allowed thousands of people to access home-cooked, healthy meals for themselves and vulnerable neighbours.”

Victoria said:

“I am very pleased to accept the Points of Light award on behalf of the three trustees of ‘Manna Meals’: Anna Cope, Abigail Gowland and myself. We have a small but enthusiastic team of volunteers who selflessly give their time to help meet the food needs of the most vulnerable and isolated in our community. We believe that sharing food with anyone in need is a great way to build communities and to bring a glimpse of heaven on earth.”

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