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Autism support for families

277. Kate Laine-Toner

Supporting families of children with autism

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Supporting military families

276. Louise Fetigan

Supporting children in military families whose parents are posted overseas

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Showcasing women in science

275. Nathalie Pettorelli
274. Seirian Sumner

Highlighting inspirational female science role models

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Painting for pounds

273. Rhea Kara

Sold100 paintings in 100 days to fundraise for Reverse Rett

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Campaigning against hate crime

272. Mark Healey

Hate crime campaigner responsible for National Hate Crime Awareness Week

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Preserving British heritage

271. Mike Field

Restored & maintained a historic working windmill

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Art therapy founders

269. Laura Young
270. John Young

Set up art therapy centres in hospitals and hospices

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Jam Jar Cinema

268. Dan Ellis

Created a local community cinema

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