Fire safety campaigner

210. Lynn Ford

Helping prevent loss of life through fire

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Cornwall flood volunteer

209. Charles Richards

Set up a community flood group to help support his local community

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Holocaust education

208. Scott Saunders

Scott Saunders, 52, gave up his career in Investment Banking in 2010 to set up March of the Living UK. The charity provides the opportunity for young British Jews to travel to Poland over six days and learn about the Holocaust and Jewish life in Europe before and during the Second World War. Each year […]

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Burns Supper Festivities

207. Moira Priestley

Moira Priestley, 50, is Head Volunteer of The Big Burns Supper and, since 2012, has encouraged hundreds of people to volunteer at the meal to make the night a success. The supper is in fact a nine-day music, theatre and comedy festival in Dumfries celebrating the best of contemporary and traditional Scottish culture, which attracts […]

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London entrepreneurs promote freedom of speech

205. Ndubuisi Uchea
206. Hayel Wartemberg

Ndubuisi Uchea, 23 from Westminster, and Hayel Wartemberg, 22 from Battersea, created in 2013 while studying at Manchester University. The website, invites young people to voice their opinions on current affairs using poetry and spoken word. Ndubuisi and Hayel wanted to challenge the notion that young people are disengaged and uninterested in topical issues […]

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Social entrepreneur running recycling website

204. Sam Stephens

Sam Stephens, 37, created the Streetbank website attracting nearly 60,000 members from 81 countries across the world in the 4 years since it began. Users register and post items and skills which they would like to share or give away, or request things that they need. Used goods and skills worth over £1.5 million have […]

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Young and positive

203. Saeed Atcha

Creating magazines for young people

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Kiwi culture

202. Tania Bearsley

Promoting the culture of New Zealand

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