Community radio creator

248Allan Trinder (Glastonbury)

Founded Glastonbury FM for the local community.

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‘Gordons Fightback’

247Gordon Aikman (Edinburgh)

Motor-Neurone Disease sufferer fights back

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Cheering up sick children

246Harriette Pearson (London)

Trainee doctor sets up play clubs for poorly children

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Harnessing HenPower

245Alan Richards (Gateshead)

Volunteer-led programme which houses hens in care homes

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Veteran roller skater

244Ron Gibbs (Crawley)

Coaching roller skating for over 40 years

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Jazz enthusiast

243Jen Wilson (Swansea)

Jazz pianist fights to preserve heritage of jazz music

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‘Older and Out’

242Clive Weaver (Lancashire)

Provides practical advice and counselling support on the sensitive issues of gender and sexuality for older members of the community.

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Orienteering champion

241Bill Marlow (Newtown)

Helping young people to learn essential life skills

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