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Isla’s Journey

1670. Ashley Simons

Ashley Simons, from Essex, founded the charity 'Isla’s Journey' to provide care packages for families who are staying in neonatal care units.

After the premature birth of her twin daughters and the loss of her first born, Ashley knew that more neonatal support was needed to complement NHS services, and has since dedicated herself to helping those going through similar experiences. ‘Isla’s Journey’ has supported 41 hospitals throughout the UK and 9 transfer teams, delivering thousands of care packages to families in neonatal care units. Ashley is also launching a series of high-quality courses in first aid, professional development, and sign language, as part of ‘Isla’s Journey Training Academy’. 

In a personal letter to Ashley, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said:

“I am lost in admiration for the strength you have shown since losing Esme and enduring Isla’s journey through neonatal care.

“You have done so much to help other families in a similar situation distributing thousands of care packages across forty-one hospitals. You have also created a wonderful community helping families with premature babies learn first aid and sign language.”

In response to receiving the award, Ashley said:

“Thank you so much. This has truly made my day! It is a honour to be recognised for this award and to be able to do both my girls proud with our mission. I promise Isla that together we could change the world and I hope that we are well on our way to doing so.”

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Pictured below: NHS staff with donated tablets from ‘Isla’s Journey’ 

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