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Drone SAR for Lost Dogs UK

1671. Graham Burton

Graham Burton, from South Wales, launched ‘Drone SAR for Lost Dogs UK’ in July 2017 - a volunteer group of over 1,700 drone pilots and more than 1,600 ground searchers who have helped reunite over 2000 lost dogs with their owners.

As a keen amateur drone pilot, Graham started the group in his rural area after reuniting a local lady with her lost dog. He believes that no-one should make money from another persons pain and began to offer the drone rescue service free of charge to others in need. The ‘Drone SAR for Lost Dogs UK’ Facebook group has over 41,000 members, and Graham has helped set up a similar dog rescue initiative in South Africa. 

In a personal letter to Graham, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said: 

“I was fascinated to learn of your brilliant innovation reuniting lost dogs with their families with drones.

“As an owner of a Welsh dog myself, I was delighted to know that you have brought joy to people across Wales by reuniting them with their beloved dogs. With over 800 drone pilots and more than 1,000 people on the ground, ‘Drone SAR for Lost Dogs UK’ is a fantastic community initiative.”

In response to receiving the award, Graham said: 

“I am delighted to accept this Point of Light Award on behalf of all the admins, and volunteer pilots and ground searchers, we have on the group. Without all these volunteers there would not be a group. I am only the founder who had an idea and made it work but it’s all team work that makes the group so successful. We are a totally voluntary group and also work alongside other well established groups to achieve the results we get. It’s all about teamwork.”

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