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More Than Fibro

1669. Sharon Turnbull

Sharon Turnbull, from Glasgow, established ‘More Than Fibro’ to create a support network for Fibromyalgia sufferers.

Having lived with Fibromyalgia since 2007 and battling a long period of mental health issues, Sharon established multiple support groups across Scotland to ensure no-one suffers in silence. ‘More than Fibro’ offers advocacy services, weekly walking sessions to reduce isolation, and online support pages where over 2,000 members can access health-based information and ask questions about Fibromyalgia without fear of judgement. In May 2021, Sharon embarked on an 8 day to challenge to walk 5km a day in locations across Scotland to spread awareness of the chronic illness. 

In a personal letter to Sharon, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said: 

“I was inspired to learn of how you created ‘More Than Fibro’ as a support network for over 2,000 people living with fibromyalgia.

“With multiple groups across Scotland you have ensured that nobody who suffers from this illness is alone. Your weekly walking sessions provide companionship and advice. They are also a fantastic way of tackling the loneliness so many have felt over the last year.”

In response to receiving the award, Sharon said: 

“Thank you for this award, I feel truly blessed, to be able to do something I love and I’m passionate about every day is an honour. Thank you to everyone in the Fibromyalgia community who have trusted me to represent them, believed in my dream, and I hope this award helps us raise more awareness of the condition and the work of More Than Fibro.”

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