Junior Football Guru

56. Mel Woodards

  Having taken the courageous decision to leave her ex-husband, Mel was suffering from depression and low-self-esteem. But equipped with a love of football and a determination to change things, Mel became involved with a junior team her six year old son played with. Mel started by collecting the weekly match fees for the team. […]

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Jennie ‘Shoots’ to success

55. Jennie Williams

After sprouting from small beginnings, ‘Shoots’ now provides around 21,000 packs to over 400 regular customers each year, including older and vulnerable people. The fruit and vegetable packs contain up to 24 items and cost just £3.50 – a considerable difference when compared to the supermarket. The operation is run on a shoestring budget by […]

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Surrey Hills Saviour

54. Christine Howard

The Surrey Hills Society is an independent charity which promotes the enjoyment and protection of the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty for locals and visitors alike. The Society encourages people to explore and learn about the area’s unique qualities while taking care of their surroundings. Christine has managed to achieve this solely as a volunteer, […]

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Ace Tennis Coach

In a move to turn his life around, Tim joined the Portsmouth Community Respect Programme to join an FA coaching course. Over the next two years he built up a strong record in volunteering, committing hours of his life to coach other young people in football, softball and cricket, with a particular focus on widening […]

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Busking Bobby

52. PC Ian Northcott

With the help of others, Ian has set up www.socksandchocs.co.uk, which provides socks, chocolates and sleeping bags for homeless people all year round, and especially on Christmas Day. Known locally as the ‘busking bobby’, Ian Northcott earned his alias when he was on duty one day and began chatting to a busker before grabbing his […]

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Helping Homeless and Disadvantaged

51. James Gilley

He decided that he wanted to help others in similar situations and, as a keen runner; he decided that keeping fit could have real benefits for vulnerable young people.  So, he set up the charity to provide running and fitness initiatives to homeless and disadvantaged young people aged 16-24. James has seen how running help […]

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Hull charity mastermind

49. Josie Sherlock

Josie’s passion for volunteering supports many

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Litter Picking Champion

48. Manuela Wahnon

Spotting the man taking shelter one evening in an Andover shop doorway, Manuela returned the following morning expecting to clear up the rubbish he’d left behind, only to find he had left it spotless. Max told Manuela it was important to him to keep his town tidy and, feeling she had her prejudices challenged, Manuela […]

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