Battling for other children

195. Joshua Jackson

Fundraising to help other children in his position

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Generations of football

194. Charlie Scott

Getting young people involved through football

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Basketball not blades

193. Anthony Okereafor

Using basketball to educate young people about knife crime

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Support for M.E.

192. Jill Moss

Helping young sufferers of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome through her own experience

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Policing history

191. Martin Baines

Displaying the proud history of the police force in Bradford

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Folkestone Wanderers

190. Steve Rich

Building a community around one of the UK’s fastest growing sports

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Selfless skills

189. Dr Na'eem Ahmed

Encouraging social improvement in young people by involving them in volunteering

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Music: 1 Cancer: 0

188. Tony Larkin

Cancer survivor battles cancer using the thing he loves

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