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Kindness for a good cause

433. Jeff Smith

Encouraging people to carry out good deeds and raise money for charity

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Charity shop challenge

432. Caroline Jones

Wearing a different charity shop outfit every day to raise money for CRUK

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Supporting sick children in Bristol

431. Paula Banks

Fundraising for toys and children’s facilities at Bristol Children’s Hospital

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Amazing brain challenges

430. Mike Bosomworth

Cycling across the USA to fundraise for the Yorkshire Brain Research Centre.

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Transforming their local community

428. Margaret Mann
429. John Mann

Using an innovative recycling project to change lives

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Northern Lights trip of a lifetime

426. Karen Jones
427. Alan Johnson

Helping life-limited children and their families enjoy incredible experiences

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Giving gifts at Christmas

425. Hayley Roberts
424. Emma Davis

Delivering gifts and company to older people at Christmas

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Making Jak’s Den a reality

423. Allison Barr

Creaing a legacy for children with cancer

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