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Global Mental Health Champion

1021. Hussain Manawer

Hussain Manawer, from Essex, is a poet and campaigner dedicated to raising awareness of mental health.

Hussain Manawer

Hussain established the UK’s largest mental health youth festival at the Hackney Empire with featured talks and performances encouraging over 1,200 young people to open up on issues of anxiety, bullying and depression. Hussain has since delivered workshops on mental health in over 400 schools across the UK and set the Guinness World Record for the world’s largest mental health lesson. Hussain’s award coincides with World Mental Health Day.

In a personal letter to Hussain, Prime Minister Theresa May said:

“Your dynamic poetry performances, workshops and campaigning has encouraged thousands of young people across the UK to challenge the stigma of mental ill-health. By using your space voyage to share the global importance of this issue, you are transforming the way people view mental health.”

Hussain said:

‘This is something I definitely wasn’t expecting! What a moment, lost for words (for once!) I’m just really glad my work is reaching people and hopefully helping them through their daily lives!’

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